is it just me, or does it seem like this recent batch of candy-ass boy bands and ego-inflated pop bitches just won’t go away? when will they join the graveyard of bad taste with others of their ilk (new kids on the block, tiffany, menudo,…). it’s almost always the case that whoever professes to be a fan now, grows up, and looks back saying, “i can’t believe i listened to that shit”. on the female side, even though i’d pay good money to see her in a movie with jenna j, this spears chick is getting on my nerves with her mixed-message, i’m-a-virgin-but-watch-me-jiggle-my-fake-tits-and-shake-my-ass routine. and now she wants to be an actress. maybe she sees that recycling the same dance moves and meaningless, hackneyed lyrics over and over is going to start to wear thin. she’s number two, just behind j lopez, on my please, go away list. it’s a tough call, because lopez can actually be a decent actress sometimes, but spears is so easy on the eyes in a rubber jumpsuit, her annoyances are more bearable.

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