there’s a hilarious spin on the academy awards, called the billy’s at the writer names one award after the todd solondz movie “happiness”. it’s paranthetically titled as the award for the ‘most disorienting sex scene/worst movie to take someone to on a first date’. the funny thing is that i just saw it with a beautiful lady friend over the weekend. strange, but i didn’t feel that uncomfortable. is something wrong with me or have the massive amounts of porn and ultra-violence i’ve taken in over the years desensitized me? also mentioned in part 2 of the awards is “crash”. named after the award for ‘the movie that would have been much better if they just made it a porn flick’. i recently saw that also. it’s a movie about sexual fetishes and car crashes, or more accurately, a sub-culture that gets off on the violence of car crashes. sounds weird? it is.

and as for that amazing scene in “the gift” (“WHOA! Katie! Good golly!”)….i agree with his characterization, but i must give two awards out in that category, the co-winner being halle berry (see “swordfish”). or they can both appear in “wild things 2″ to settle the matter…”yeah”.

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