i’ve decided to go native and drive a car with the steering wheel on the wrong (right) side. i figure why not go all the way since i’m already driving on the wrong (left) side of the road anyway. seriously though, the real reason for this my desire to drive a honda civic type-r. sure, it’s not all that to look at, but it’s a freakin’ rocket on wheels. 200 hp, 2 litre dohc 4-cylinder, 0-60 in 6 seconds. and under 20k. great value even with the pound conversion and as an american citizen, i don’t have to pay their ridiculously high vat (value added tax : 17%). they don’t sell this version in the states, only the more sedate si. i know i can’t bring it back with me, but i have 2 whole years left to drive it, and it shouldn’t be hard to sell here. i’m picking it up in the next few days.
and the color?….guess.
oakland raider silver, baby!

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