i watched the hbo “infomercial” on america’s blow job queen and i just don’t get it. some (most) of the people in the audience treated her with a kind of weird reverence, actually clapping for her when she appeared. what are they clapping for, i thought. the cigar trick? the thong flashing? keeping the stained blue dress as a memento? when one man bluntly asked her how it feels to be “america’s blow job queen”, many came to her defense. a woman in the audience yelled out, “we’re on your side, monica”. i wish i were there to shout in response, “speak for yourself, lady”. what’s her “side”? that’s bullshit. we’re supposed to feel sorry for her for having an affair with a married man (the president), lying about it, getting caught in the lie, and now making money out of it? she should be saying sorry. even though i seriously dislike hilary, she never apologized to bubba’s family for the distress she caused. lewinsky wouldn’t stop talking about her ‘abuse’ in the plush ritz hotel and pentagon city mall by the fbi. right! that’s what i call torture: five star hotel, going shopping at crate and barrel, etc. maybe cuz they didn’t order the sushi from room service for her? to me, she came across as a little ditzy (about what went through her mind wrt having an affair with the president, “…i just thought it would be kinda cool”). and someone explain to me why so many women support her actions? the only tough questions/comments came from two men. interesting stuff though…we get to see the replay of where bubba gets on tv and self-righteously lies to us all about it, watch him squirm in the starr deposition, hear some of the tripp tapes, and see monica try to reason it all away.

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