going back to last weekend, i spent the night in london since i needed to pick up a rental car on sunday to use for the work week (i was awaiting a part for my car). i found the best deal down there thru easyrentalcar. thought i’d spend the day checking out stuff that i hadn’t seen yet, mostly in east london. i started off the day looking for a popular bagel place (the 24 hour beigel bake) on brick lane via the brick lane market. when i got there, it was jam packed, so i ended up going to the one next door. pretty good, but not near as good as the ones we have stateside. brick lane, by the way, was interesting. a mixed jewish-indian neighborhood. lots of curry places and store windows with mannequins wearing the latest in asian women garb. and check out this most unique name for a store in that area. next, i walked thru spitalfield’s market. some typical market stuff (various handmade goods), but most go there for the organically grown food. i was grazing all day. later, did a little shopping in covent garden and selfridges and ate at yo! sushi. they claim to have the longest conveyer belt sushi bar in the world. pretty cool. you just grab a plate as it passes and the plate’s color denotes the price. they even have a robotic drinks trolley that rolls around the place. standard, not spectacular sushi, and somewhat overpriced, but efficient and fun.

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