happy 23rd birthday to demi s! (actually saturday, the 9th)

demi and her beautiful friends jenny, leza, shannon, and another girl whose name i forget were the lone ray of sunshine in what’s continuing to be a bad week. i left for the train station on saturday to meet them in london for dinner at the real greek. i finally was able to get reservations there at 6:30 that night, but we had to be out by 8:45, so they could have the table for another large party. it was extremely windy and just after i got to my platform, they announced that all train service was cancelled until further notice. this due to the high winds blowing a tree onto the tracks, which in turn brought down the train powerlines. they announced that they’d be sending buses to shuttle people to the next station south to catch trains to london from there. to make a long story short, i arrived in london five hours later and was a half hour late for the reservation. the girls were running late too, as girls tend to do, but leza was good enough to go ahead of everyone and hold the table. i’m partly to blame for giving them bad directions to the place. we were originally to all meet and go together, but the train fuck-up put a stop to that. dinner itself wasn’t very enjoyable since we were under the gun to order and finish in the allotted time, but the retsina was very good, and the food was unique and tasty. not your typical greek food, nor very large quantities, but i’d go back. maybe just sit and munch at the meze bar.

and did i mention how gorgeous the girls were? and that i was the only guy? i gotta say that these girls make the british girls look like….well….british girls (scary, cuz they were starting to appear attractive to me).

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