i had one of my worst days in recent memory last wednesday.

first, i had to take the day off work to wait on word about my car’s problems from the honda shop. not so bad, you might say, but i had things to take care of at work. i finally get a call from honda late in the day with the bad news. it’s gonna cost beaucoup bucks to fix the myriad of things that are wrong with it, especially at uk prices.second, they made me pick up my car from the repair shop, since they don’t know what parking lots are in this country. third, the car is not safe to drive for any significant distance, especially the 30 miles to/from work, so i had to rent one. 50 simoleans a day for the smallest car known to man, a fiat seicento. i left my car at the rental agency (my old employer by the way, enterprise) and drove to work in the rental to get my mail and deposit the rent check i was expecting from my virginia tenants. of course, it hadn’t arrived, so now my rent check will bounce. one hour crammed in a sardine can, praying that a lorry wouldn’t cream me or that the wind wouldn’t blow me off the road (believe me, this almost happened), for nothing. i get back home.

now i must go to the rental agency to pick up my honda because, surprise, they have no parking area for customers. i figure i’ll wait til late to ride my bike the mile or so to the place, that way traffic will be light. plus, i have no light on my bike and this is required by law to ride in the street at night. i shopped for one once, but never got around to buying one. so around 11pm, i take off. there were more cars than i expected on the road and i then remembered that pubs close at 11. damn. smashed people taking cabs home or, worse yet, smashed people driving home themselves. so i’m driving on the street for no more than five minutes when i approach a stopped cab that’s half on the curb/sidewalk. i’m guessing he’s waiting to pick someone up or letting someone off. i can’t go too wide as i pass him because a car is passing me and there’s just one traffic lane. i was thinking, “there’s no way that door is gonna open on the street side”. well, the door did open on the street side. just as i pass the cab, the back door swings open and, though i tried my best to brake and avoid it, i was simply too close. i hit the open door mostly with my left leg and knee and tumbled off the bike into the lane of traffic. in those few seconds as i turned my head to look up and see if a car was coming at me, i pictured my head being crushed like a cantaloupe. thank Jesus though, as there was none approaching. the idiot drunk staggers out of the cab mumbling something about the driver having told him no one was coming. why he didn’t get out on the sidewalk side, i don’t know…wait a minute i do know…he was stinkin three sheets to the wind. the driver was cool, though he kept saying, “get yourself a light, mate”. i admit, he was right. he said he didn’t see me due to the glare from the headlights of the car that was passing. his door was dented in from being forced backwards by the impact and wouldn’t close, but he wouldn’t take my insurance info or an offer for money. i eventually got him to take my phone number and we forced the door shut. i kept thinking if this went to a court of law, i’d be responsible because i had no light, even though i’m the one who almost got killed. my knee hurt and swelled up (the same one i bruised snowboarding), but i was ok. oh, and to top it off, i developed a huge zit on my nose to show off to everyone. as if i’m a fucking teenager or something.

things look like they’re improving. received the rent yesterday. not much damage really done. i’ve finally managed to get a reservation at the real greek in london for saturday. and i’ll have beautiful, young ladies to accompany me.

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