we took a half day off work today and all went to see we were soldiers. i liked it and recommend it, though it was a little heavy handed and cliched at times. the movie is about perhaps the bloodiest battle of the vietnam war, in the ia drang valley (aka death valley), where 234 americans and 1800 north vietnamese were killed. yes, those numbers are correct. the battle scenes were well done, but even they took some dramatic liberties, like when mel gibson and sam elliott(who was excellent and hil-fucking-arious) would be standing in the midst of gunfire while everyone else around was on the ground. and some of the scenes were reminiscent of ‘braveheart’, only with modern weapons, particularly when gibson charges the enemy in slo-mo . the scenes back home, with the wives as their husbands are off fighting, are also sometimes powerful, other times cheesey….and here i must mention madeleine stowe’s comically over-inflated collagen-enhanced lips and long, black wig. what was she thinking? one critic commented that she “looks like she’s auditioning for a new Addams Family movie”. and sorry but i just can’t see that greg kinnear guy as anything but the e! channel talk soup host. he plays a huey pilot. and i really liked the film’s use of a celtic chant in the soundtrack during the more dramatic moments, though it was a little manipulative as well.

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