going back to my pimp-daddy saturday night, after the younger girls left (they were tired…evidently couldn’t keep up with the fro-boy’s frenetic, 24-7 party pace), three of us went out for a drink. sophia recommended this super cool hotel bar in the covent garden area. we walked in and everyone was dressed to impress. ultra hip crowd, lots of black, etc. i thought, no way they’ll let me in. i was very casual, looking like a total tourist, with a stuffed shoulder bag and wearing sneakers, baggy utility pants, and a euclid records t-shirt…but surprisingly they did. and it wasn’t a slow night either. maybe it was that american cachet. i still felt out of place though. we had one drink, then had to catch trains back home. i later read this review of the place, which makes me even more surprised that they let scum like me in. might i be even cooler than i think i am?

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