and i’m so lonely i don’t even want to be with myself anymore

dido :: honestly ok

i sometimes feel like that.

but not the other day, baby.

i am the pimp-daddymy fro-boy alter ego was livin it ghetto fabulous. surrounded by six beautiful women in covent garden, i was feelin like a total pimp-daddy (only five are shown cuz one of my bitches had to snap the photo). well, i should say it was fabulous….up until the part where i get reamed for not bringing any young, male friends. there’s evidently some unwritten rule that i didn’t know about regarding women of different age groups getting together in a social setting. when i was arranging this meeting, i didn’t mention the sexes or ages of all the people. i didn’t think it mattered. well, one thirty-something chick backed out because she didn’t want to hang out with twenty-something chicks. and i was getting shit from the others all night. that would never be a problem with guys. and as for the boy-girl ratio….it seemed cool to me….(as i let out an austin powers-style ‘yeah-baby-yeaaah’).

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