question: what’s worse than those hordes of flying rats, otherwise known as pigeons, that crowd and shit all over london’s trafalgar square?

answer: the “anti-war” protestors that gathered there this past saturday for their “stop bombing iraq, bush is a war criminal, blah, blah, blah” extravaganza.

sure, freedom of expression is all good and shit but i must say that the rhetoric made me sick. i seriously felt like cold-cocking some of those jerks. they are misguided people that should be putting their energies to a worthy cause. i should’ve asked them: if sadam h was left alone to develop his nukes, what’s to stop him from dropping one on kuwait? or selling to the highest terrorist bidder to drop one on their very own london? and i still have yet to see any solid evidence or statistics that our embargo has led to the starving deaths of thousands of iraqi babies, as they keep stating. or i should’ve asked them if they think the afghan people, especially the women, are happier now or a few months ago? i could go on and on about this, but hell, i wasn’t even supposed to be there. we were warned at work not to go to that area, but my rendezvous with a friend took me to st martin’s in the fields church, which is right off trafalgar square. we met under the church, at the cafe in the crypt, which was pretty cool until the protestors started drifting in like cockroaches. we finished our drinks and moved on to the proud galleries to see a photo exhibit entitled “shots that changed the world”. it featured many photos from 11 september, which made the protestors, just a few blocks away, seem even more ridiculous than they already were.

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