bada-bingthe ugly weather continues here. we actually got hail, malteser size, yesterday. i’m spending an exciting weekend indoors…sleeping in, doing my taxes, recording mp3’s, and having a soprano-fest. not the fat singers, but the highly acclaimed hbo series. it is truly excellent television. i’m finishing up season two on dvd. even gianni, the guy who recently actually referred to some italian olympic “athletes” as “we”, would like it, i think. he was all offended because he read somewhere that italians were offended as to how they were portrayed. get real. it’s a tv show. the dude has not even a drop of italian blood in him. he’s taking this going-native thing a little too far. and i get shit at the office for using the term ‘greek-american’ when i am. i like the show so much, it may warrant a t-shirt buy from their on-line store. i like the pork store shirt, but it would be an easy decision if the bada-bing t-shirt had the actual strip club’s logo(at left). i can’t believe they actually censored out the naked girl silhouette. what a bunch of crap.

as for gianni, i’m sure he’ll change his mind about watching when he finds out that alicia witt makes an appearance in episode 20. by the way, did you buy your english-made, burberry scarf, lemming-boy? not only is it everywhere in italy, it’s a hot item in japan, where girls are selling themselves into prostitution to afford them.

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