i promised to post this for gianni and his fans:

“gianni circa sept 77, 6th grade – during my golden years as a star athlete. back when it was cool to emulate the juice, i was a mean fullback who got even at noseguard to boot. i think my season stats were 45 carries for like 100 yds/no tds/one fumble at wheaton boys club’s 1/2 yd line (i

cried and immediately sacked them for a safety in a fit of rage). note old-school relics: a czonkaesque bull-ring on my riddell and no arm/elbow pads in sight, baby.”

i’m cutting him some slack here for even mentioning that hideous murderer who’s running….er golfing…free. just this once, my man. and that should read ‘pete banaszak-esque’. more points taken off for mentioning football and not the silver and black. raiders forever baby!

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