before i was shocked into submission by the news of coach g leaving, i spent a happy sunday in london with two beautiful women(and a considerably less attractive gianni). chinatown was celebrating the chinese new year, bringing in the horse, so we stayed with the theme and ate chinese at the dragon inn. it was recommended by a colleague of mine and while it was fine (my first time eating the crispy duck with ‘pancakes’….goood!), i get the feeling that all the chinese restaurants in that area are pretty much the same. actually, the day wasn’t all that. first, the cambridge train station was closed due to track repairs, so we had to drive to the next town of royston to catch a train to kings cross in london. second, we waited in a queue for over an hour to get tickets to the much-heralded ‘lion king’ show only for it to sell out just as we got to within a few people from the front. third, i think i pissed off one of the aforementioned beauties when i gave her bad info on where to meet us (the place changed names on me). fourth, a cool bar i kept reading about and dragged my friends to was closed when we got there, contrary to what my formerly-trusty guidebook said. so, damn, in hindsight that isn’t exactly a shiny, happy day. the company was good though and i did the tower bridge experience, which basically amounts to seeing a couple of short films on its history and going up into the elevated walkway. and note to self: ask carolyn to elaborate on her ‘living with 5 guys’ experience (yes, that is a five….huh…navy girls).

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