these thoughts were brought on by my recent receipt of a videotape of the “snow job” game from brother peter…

columnist jim caple forgets that something very similar to the figure skating scoring fiasco DID actually happen in a “real” sport(well actually, he does sorta allude to it). how soon everyone forgets, overcome with giddiness after the underdog patsies win over the lambs, that the patsies had lost two weeks before to the raiders in snowy foxboro. but after further review by the judges, they decided to score it differently. this was so bad, maybe figure skating judges would have improved on the unjust results…

greg gumbel: “woodson on the corner blitz. he sacks brady! the ball is knocked loose and the raiders’ greg biekert recovers as brady unsuccessfully tries tripping him as he goes for the loose ball. biekert kicks the ball into the stands in jubilation. the raiders hug and celebrate on the sidelines, while the patriots look beaten. the raiders will kneel twice and advance to the afc championship game for the second straight year.”

phil simms: “hold on a minute, they’re reviewing the play in the replay booth, but it’s probably just a formality. these resilient raiders have come across the country and outplayed new england on their own, snow-packed field. the patriot fans are booing them, as they were at the end of the third quarter when they were down 13-3.”

shockingly, referee walt coleman comes on the field to announce that the fumble was not a fumble as everyone’s eyes had led them to believe, but in fact an incomplete pass. this was later explained by applying the strictest definition(and adding some bending) of a badly written rule with a little spin/pr thrown in.

scott hamilton: “oh my God! the judges scored it an incomplete pass and new england gets to keep the ball! unbelievable! it’s like landing a triple axel-half loop-triple flip followed by a salchow and two toe loops and not getting credit for it. it’s a travesty. the refs have assumed he was ‘tucking’ the ball, which is part of a bad rule in the first place and no one would have noticed if they didn’t apply it, when he had actually stopped the ball with his left hand on a pump fake…then he was hit. the pictures show that. he had both hands on the ball. had stopped his forward motion. i’m so mad i could just scream!”

gumbel: “well, this means the patriots will get another chance. kind of like the russian basketball team did against the usa in the munich 72 olympics.”

hamilton: “yeah, greg. this is enough to turn a gay guy straight and go out and kick some nfl ass. who is responsible for this outrage? are there russian judges?”

i still think, like tony pierce, that al davis should have sued to have this game’s results overturned. if nothing else but to make a point to those jerks in the nfl. this was truly worthy of a suit compared to those stupid anti-trust disputes he’s always involved in. at the very least, they should have filed an official protest. to those who say the raiders still had chances to stop them, run out the clock, yada, yada…i say, why should they have had to win the game TWICE? they won it fair and square and were robbed by the “judges”. if they were given back a turnover in their losses, they’d be undefeated (note: all losses this season came down to the last minute or overtime).

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