those drugs a friend gave me worked like magic. slept like a rock and couldn’t feel any pain from my bruised ass. only problem was, i was groggy as hell in the morning and struggled to get out of bed and get going. once i got up the slopes on day 3 and got my head back together, i ditched my little training group and just snowboarded on my own. i needed as many reps as i could get in to get the feeling and control of the board. in the group, while the instructor gave me great initial advice, i was mostly waiting for everyone in the group of about ten to take their turn before i was up to try. an old guy like me needs to do something a lot before he gets good at it. i started to get the hang of it as the day wore on and hardly fell, though i stayed in the “training bowl”. still weary about getting overconfident and spilling hard again, so i may wait until the last day to try a real slope, but i’m determined. bad news is that the promised snow never came and probably won’t now. it was slushy and icy today. not so good for a beginner. lastly, i can’t put into words how beautiful it is coming down the gondola, with the austrian alps and the pongau valley spread out in front of you. God’s country. i’ll try to get in a gondola car by myself before i leave and take some panoramic shots.

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