day 1 of 5 days of torture has just ended. kidding. after a painful beginning, the snowboarding got to be fun, but i took one mini run too many. it was nearing the time for the last lift down, so i thought, lemme go a little higher in this beginner’s ‘bowl’ to end the day on a high note. wrong. i fell hard on by butt-lower back and i know it’s gonna be raider colours tomorrow. still was fun though. i woke up to a dramatic but hazy view from my hotel window. it cleared up as the day wore on and the beauty increased as we got higher up the mountain. the slopes look a bit intimidating to me though, and i gotta get a lot better to go down the mountain without using the gondola. the teacher is a cool austrian guy with dreads that looks a little like the x-rage lead singer. i can see the sympathy in his eyes, but he’s patient with me. the promised girl teacher went off with a group of tots. damn. i’m going to rest up tonight, lick my wounds, and show the sixteen year olds what i can do on day 2. stay tuned.

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