i’m going skiing and snowboarding all next week in austria, outside salzburg. my first time. with my luck, i’ll get caught in an avalanche or go off-piste and do a sonny bono. i just posted some photos from my recent trip thru italy. click on the ‘pix’ link above. while you’re there, check out the photos from our christmas party in st louis. more from italy will be coming later. the beauty of the vatican is almost indescribable. walking thru florence and venice is like stepping into another era. gaeta was nice too. i stayed at a fab hotel and props to jp for being such a great tour guide. (jp: can you give me the story behind the split rock and the handprint again?) i also really enjoyed visiting tiberius’ grotto and the sperlonga archaelogical museum. romans had good taste, hiring greek artists from the island of rhodos to make these massive sculptures depicting scenes from homer’s odyssey.

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