this supposed “championship” game is illegitimate! i refuse to accept this winner as deserving. it’s a great injustice. sorry about the blog rage in my previous post, but i had to vent. now it seems that everyone has forgotten about the travesty, as they wax on about the “destined” patsies….yeah, if destiny goes by the name of referee walt coleman. i couldn’t even find a mention of it on any football web sites. it’s as simple as this: the raiders should be playing the lambs this weekend(by the way, can we please stop hearing all the hype-bullshit about that team? they could have easily lost to a mediocre eagle team at home last weekend if philly had some reasonably good plays called on their potential game winning 55-yard drive at the end of the game. what was up with those calls? you have a great athlete and improvisor in qb mcnabb…cut him loose!). i thought last year’s baltimore team, with their pathetic offense, was the worst to ever make it to a stupor bowl, but this patsy team is easily worse. baltimore had a great defense(i grudgingly admit). the patsies have nothing of note on either side of the ball….unless you count coleman, their twelfth man.

and the nfl continuing to insist that what happened followed the rules is the most offensive thing about the debacle. even a stoned dude could tell. they are saying article 2 of the rule applies in this case? well if that’s true, it’s a fumble because this “tucking” was not going on. he had simply stopped his forward motion on a pump fake and was getting ready to bring the ball back again. it seems to me that article 3 more correctly applies to this case. and if neither is convincing enough for you, then it should be a fumble because that was the call on the field. a call cannot be reversed unless it is “obviously” wrong in the replay. it’s amazing that blind walt coleman used the word “obvious”, when it was anything but an obvious incomplete pass.

lastly, the true measure of the hideousness of the reversal is this: if the fumble call stayed and wasn’t reversed, would there be a controversy as there is now? the answer is a resounding NO. the patsies would be home eating chowder and nary a complaint would be heard.

this is not a legitimate super bowl match up. it’s just another case where the two best, most deserving, teams are not meeting to decide the championship. i’ll be in austria and i won’t watch a minute of it.

oh yeah, here’s a panoramic photo of the view from jp’s veranda in italy. i meant to post this while i was there, but couldn’t connect to my server. it was cloudy 8 out of 9 days and i froze my cojones off in venice. my luck continues.

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