the guys went into a hostile environment, in the snow, played their hearts out and WON that game. i’m proud of them and disgusted in the nfl. i want an apology…no! fuck that! an apology won’t cut it. i want an asterisk in the fucking record books for the whole season.

i’m devastated. the finality of it. i can’t describe how mad i am….even though i kinda saw it coming when they decided to review the woodson hit, being the cynical raider fan i am. i just thought maybe justice would prevail this time, but it never does for the silver and black. i just thought, ‘nooo, they won’t really overturn that fumble. no way.’ very bitter pill. i’m sickened. just totally sickened. this one will go down in history alongside the rob lytle fumble in denver that kept them out of back-to-back super bowls(and keep one from dallas) and the immaculate reception in pittsburgh. but those other bad calls and ones like them were supposed to be avoided by instant replay. this time, they used replay to overturn a good call to fuck the raiders.

this game was won. i can’t stomach it. the raiders outplayed the patsies. they’re the better team. i just don’t understand it. there was a roughing the passer call on gannon that wasn’t called and at least two pass interference calls that weren’t called, oh and i almost forgot, a bad spot on a first down catch by tim brown in the raiders’ first drive that was challenged by the raiders but reviewed and still marked short by the incompetent zebras when the replay showed he clearly caught the ball past the first down….and after those i thought the raiders might get a call. then came the overturn of a great, game-winning play by a great player. that official should be ashamed of himself. that call kept great, great players (hall-of-fame players) like steve wisniewski, tim brown, and eric allen from a chance at perhaps their only super bowl. not to mention rich gannon, greg biekert, lincoln kennedy, and william thomas. and that pussy brady has the unmitigated nerve to say after the game that he was throwing the ball….fucking liar! after the play, he KNEW it was a fumble by the way he acted. he was moping on the sideline. he knew they had lost. he didn’t go to the refs at all to petition that he was throwing the ball.

maybe i should’ve seen this coming with things like the phantom tripping call against frank middleton at denver that gave the patsies a bye (and was later apologized for by the nfl) and the jets having ZERO penalties called against them last week. and don’t even compare this with the ray hamilton roughing-the-passer call in 76, bitch boston writers! that was a judgement call and on third down. they always call it when you go anywhere near a qb’s head, idiots! (just ask the raiders, who get called for that more than any other team….surprise, surprise.) and who’s to say the raiders wouldn’t have got the first down on the next play. THIS play was GAME! they had to overturn it on replay. everybody saw it confirmed as a fumble on their tv’s except for that ass-hole referee walt coleman. patsies have no time outs. raiders kneel twice. raiders advance to afc championship. period. this shit is as bad as i can remember. one of the toughest losses ever. i’m furious, heartbroken, and can’t believe what i just witnessed.

(one note i have to make is that even though it was obvious to me and thousands of others that the qb did NOT have a forward throwing motion and HAD in fact stopped on a pump fake when he was hit and fumbled, the call on the field WAS A FUMBLE and you must have CONCLUSIVE evidence to the contrary in order to overturn it. in the LEAST, that was not the case. what the fucking zebras were looking at i’ll never know. i’ll say it again….IRREFUTABLE, UNDISPUTABLE, CONCLUSIVE visual evidence needed to reverse.)

i don’t even feel like fucking going to italy.

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