i like some foreign films and see a good many, but i’ve found that they just don’t compare, for the most part, to our american movies. i see why there’s a separate category at the academy awards. one recent example is the devil’s backbone. i read some capsule reviews on it(mostly good) and many raved about how it was spookier than the others(which i thought was great…the best ghost story i’ve ever seen). so i went into the local arts picture house with high hopes. while it was good, with some beautiful cinematography and really cool opening titles, it just didn’t come close to american-made films in its genre like the others and wasn’t even as scary as the aforementioned mulholland drive. maybe it’s just me? cuz i still can’t get over the fact that roberto benigni actually won a best actor oscar and people actually liked the most horrible cheese since the titanic(if that’s possible) called life is beautiful. that movie made me want to throw up (sorry, dimitri).

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