a little to the left, rudolphi’ve been back from the states for almost a week and i’m homesick already. as the bitch with the shiny red shoes said, ‘there’s no place like home’. the thing i noticed most in st louis was the enormous number of american flags on display. it made me proud. full-size flags hanging in front of homes and especially stickers and magnets on cars. literally every other car had one. i wonder if it’s like that everywhere else in the usa? i had a blast just hanging out with my nephews, going out to eat with my dad, catching a hockey game with brother pete, saw the awesome lord of the rings and the royal tenenbaums movies, and went to a lamb football game (not!…nice thought from theo bill but had to reject like len bias in the paint). lots more too, including my beautiful sister elaine and brother-in-law dave throwing a really nice dinner party for me a couple of days before i left. eating was my most common activity and i gained at least ten pounds over the three weeks. oh, and had a fun night going from pubs to martini bar to sake bar with pete, liam, and jeff. girls were a major disappointment though. there were none (i’m not counting the beautiful christi). could just be me and my lack of juice. all in all, a relaxing trip. i left st louis with the vision of electric reindeer making sweet love.

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