i’m back in the uk after another long, arduous airplane experience. this time, my plane at nyc-kennedy airport was held up for four hours because of a mechanical (backup engine ignition) failure. they were going to change planes, then they weren’t, then they were…you get the picture. they finally fixed the problem. the worst part was the fact that we were in the plane, on the tarmac, the whole time. i was able to see a whole movie before we even took off (serendipity, a lightweight but enjoyable romantic comedy about fate and luck with the beautiful kate beckinsale). after the tube, train, and taxi to get back to cambridge, it was already almost 2 pm, so i scrapped the thought of going into work, so today is my first day back after what seems like ages. the part i hate most is all the passwords i have to remember and after a long break, i always seem to forget a couple.

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