this clayton guy makes some good points but it’s not whining when the beefs are legit. the raiders are correct to dispute, 1) six offsides penalties, most being lining up in the neutral zone, when the denver center was cheating the ball forward. and custom in the nfl is to warn players before calling the neutral zone infractions. 2) a terrible, critical no call on an obvious pass interference on wr jerry porter. in the fourth quarter, on a fourth down play. the db was on one knee just waiting for the flag to be thrown. never was. 3) only 2 penalties for 11 yards against denver. i guess that’s home field advantage. and the crown jewel of shitty calls…4) an obscene tripping call on og frank middleton on a 70 yard td pass to jerry rice with 8 minutes to go in the game. as coach said, ‘Frank Middleton did exactly what we want him to do in that situation when a gap is stretched by two defenders,’ Gruden said. ‘The official obviously doesn’t agree with the techniques that I believe in, that we believe in. That was a great play by Frank Middleton in my opinion — if Frank was wrong, I’m wrong and I’ll take credit for the penalty.’ i saw middleton smartly move over to close a pass rush gap between himself and another lineman and a blitzing safety tried to dive through it as it was closing. i’ll have to admit that while the zebras did everything that they could to help denver, the raiders made some questionable decisions. the curious red zone play calling at the end of the game, where a td would’ve won it. and james jett, who i think should have been let go in the preseason (why was he even in there, al?), not fighting for a ball gannon threw up under a heavy blitz on a 3rd and 2 late in the game. it was intercepted while jett kept running his post pattern. even with all the controversy, the team will get it together and come through in the playoffs. i really want to see tim brown with a super bowl ring. no one deserves it more.

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