santa rocks! i always did dig the santa claus. when i was little, i loved it when mom took us to tell him what we wanted for Christmas. probably cuz i was spoiled and pretty much got whatever i asked for. i had the meanest collection of hot wheels in my neighborhood and was constantly getting new bikes. this mostly due to the fact that i kept having mine stolen. this was the ‘city’ part of st louis we were living in, after all. i stopped counting at about five. they’d be stolen from inside the house sometimes, usually from an enclosed back porch we had. i remember one time, the thief actually broke into our basement and we almost caught him. we heard noises, called the cops, but he/she/they were onto us and left before reinforcements arrived. i was creeped out because there were bare footprints left on the basement floor. i had recurring nightmares after that. anyway, back to santa….i put together this fro:boy and family santa slide show to honor the man and the season.

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