i just returned from a 200 mile round trip drive to windsor for the evening, but it was well worth it cuz of the company of the lovely carolyn, along with a great movie and a delicious dinner. harry potter and the philosopher’s stone was worthy of the book by the same name. i don’t think i’ve seen a movie based on a book that was as true to it. the art direction and sets were excellent(scenes were just as i imagined them to be when i read the book), special fx were wonderful, but the best thing about it may have been the spot-on casting. richard harris was perfect as albus dumbledore, as was maggie smith as prof mcgonagall, and all the kids were great, especially the little girl who played hermione granger (i know my nephew georgie must be dreaming about her…beautiful little girl, she is). my favorite, though, was alan rickman as professor snape….he was hilariously evil in his role. i have only one problem with the story though, both the book and therefor the movie. the game of quidditch. they play this game where teams accumulate points for tossing a ball through rings, but the game is over as soon as a “seeker” (each team has one) catches the small “snitch”. that seeker’s team wins regardless of the score. they could be down 100-0. so what’s the reason for putting any effort into the ring part of the game? it’s kinda like putting a rule in basketball where regardless of the score, the first team to sink a half court shot will automatically win the game. i blame this on the fact that a woman wrote the book. they never do understand sports rules very well. to help remove foot from mouth, let me say that the author, jk rowling, is a great writer and her story is a perfect blend that appeals to both children and adults and teaches us about friendship, loyalty, family, and love. plus scary monsters, plot twists, and edge of your seat thrills. i look forward to the next movie in the series.

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