yeah baby! the raiders are number 1 again in nfl merchandising. where they belong. actually, i don’t know if i like that. it means a lot of bandwagoners. but at least it knocks the pathetic cowboys off the top and will mean lots of people will be wearing the classy, yet supa-cool silver and black. you see, the raiders are one of the few teams that hasn’t changed their colors, logos, or uni’s. don’t need to. once a classic, always a classic. i laugh when teams change to incorporate black (i.e. be more like the raidahz), or teal, or ‘metallicize’ their colors to look flashier…you know who you are. and while i’m listing lame shit…add the gay, steam and strobe light player intros and nicknames like “san diego superchargers” and “greatest show on earth”.

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