back from the cradle of democracy, greece, a country that now doesn’t even practice full-fledged democracy and shows flashes of hatred toward a country that is the best example of the system they gave birth to and seem to be so proud of. do i sound pissed? i just still can’t get over the soccer game booing and burning of an american flag during a moment of silence for the 11 september murder victims thing. plus other disturbing comments i’ve heard people make who visited recently. good news is that i didn’t experience any of this in my short trip there, but i didn’t get out much or bring up the subject either. anyway, it was a nice trip. i was treated like a king by my family over there as usual. i got to spend time with my beautiful baptistira, finally met maria and dimitri’s newest addition, panouli, and jimmy and mahi’s x-large twins. i was happy also that my barney tapes were big hits as gifts. that dorky, purple dinosaur seems to hypnotize the kids at times….a good thing when you’d like a break from nine kids screaming. i also had a great time on sunday with my other, more distant farmaki cousins. they met me down in the port of piraeus area and we had a coffee at a streetside cafe perfect for the people watching. then they treated me to a fantastic seafood lunch at a great, local, down-home restaurant. they’re great. i vow to spend more time with them on future trips to greece. i’m buying next time though. my only complaint on this trip was the mostly miserable weather. they told me it turned the day i arrived. must have brought it with me from this bloody country.

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