now this is why i go to the movies. for gems like ghost world. what a great and entertaining movie. no explosions, special effects, exotic locations…just a funny and poignant story with truthful acting and real characters. it’s directed by the guy who did the excellent documentary on the comic book artist crumb, terry zwigoff. this too, is comic book related; it’s based on a cult comic book series by the same name and is about a few weeks in the life of two slacker girls who have just graduated high school and are trying to find their way in life. the acting is terrific by the entire cast, from the main characters played by steve buscemi(seymour, a role he was born to play), thora birch(perfection as the disaffected enid), and scarlett johannson(rebecca, enid’s best friend) to every minor character like david cross, brad renfro, illeana douglas(enid’s art teacher), and bob balaban(enid’s dad). and this movie has one of the funniest characters i’ve ever seen…a mullet-haired, stonewashed-jean-wearin, farmer-tanned, slim-jim-eatin, num-chuk-swingin, hoosier-loser guy(doug) that hangs out at the mini-mart. he’s played by an actor named dave sheridan in a very jim carrey-like way. i almost rolled out of my seat a few times when he was on the screen. the guy is like a real life ‘beavis and butthead’ or ‘king of the hill’ character. one of doug’s hilarious lines came at the expense of the greek mini-mart owner who threw him out of the shop for coming in without a shirt. even i, the proud greek-american that i am, had to laugh(you’ll see what i mean when you see it). also great scenes at the porn shop, the record collector geek party, the sports bar, enid’s movie theatre job…but there wasn’t a bad scene in this one. it even co-stars a great blues song called ‘devil got my woman’ by skip james and some funky 1960’s bollywood musicals. i’ve read this movie described as being a catcher in the rye for the 21st century and that’s a pretty apt description.

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