jennifer lopez was cool when she was small-time (though her ass was never that) in movies like u-turn, but i really lost respect for her when she was hanging out with gun-toting losers like puff daddy, came up with her ‘j-lo’ moniker, and just started acting like a stuck-up diva-bitch. some proof is here. i wonder? would a temper tantrum ensue if she found a tomato juice can or a non-white candle in her trailer? what a ridiculous list of demands! and for a 90 minute charity appearance. and did the world really need another pop singer like her? it just feeds her ego that much more. her self-love just oozes out of her videos. and lastly, she ain’t all that. she’s not as hot as the press makes her out to be. awright…she has a nice, round ass on her, but not much else (if you know what i mean) and that onion is only gonna blow up to monster proportions as she gets older.

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