a couple of good things happened to me today. first, at work, i received a long-awaited large format, hewlett-packard, big-ass printer. now i can print out those gis products that the man pays me the big bucks to make. not to mention, blow-up glossies of ze bootiful christi after everyone else has gone for the day. best part about the printer, outside of the nearly-life-size cm photo reproduction, is that i’ve managed to wedge it between my desk and the annoying bronco fan’s, totally obliterating my view of him and his gay-ass paraphernalia (bastard brought in another mini-helmet and a freakin golf towel to drape over his monitor). the other thing is that i found out that the team for ALL decades is gonna be on afn tv this sunday v san diego (yeah, i know, simple things please me). oh, and lastly, just saw legally blonde starring the most awesome reese witherspoon. movie was kinda stupid, but in a light-hearted, funny kind of way. worth a rental but maybe not a cinema trip, unless it’s a bargain matinee. best of all is the amount of time the hot rw is on the screen in various barbi-esque outfits. hard to believe she’s a mom. the flick reminded me of a girl i once knew in that rw plays a seemingly shallow, air-headed blonde who goes to harvard law school and becomes an academic marvel, despite her obsession with all things girly. the chick i knew ended up magna cum laude in finance at a prestigious private university despite never really seeming very “serious” or “smart”. just goes to show you that looks can be deceiving.

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