work blows…i just had a fucking denver broncos fan move into the desk next to me. it wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t copy me and bring a mini-helmet in with his damn ugly team colors. plus, he’s got the balls to make wise-ass comments about the winningest team in pro football history, while his little horsies are barely above .500.

should i:

(a) rise above it and ignore him,

(b) respond to his wisecracks by just repeating “50-30” like a mantra (raiders’ all-time record vs denver), or

(c) george atkinson-style forearm shiver to his bald-ass head.

my mood turned for the better later today cuz i got a sweet e-mail from ze bootiful christi (by the way, doesn’t that pin-up girl on my homepage “look a little like christi”, jp?). she’d probably kill me for posting that picture, but she’s miles and miles away. christi’s further proof of my yet-to-be-disproven theory that all the good ones are taken. she’s also cool because she still uses words like “nifty” and “okie-dokie” without a hint of sarcasm. i always thought she was a throwback to those fifties women…all straight and shit on the outside but who knew how to take care of bidness with the master….oops, did i type that out loud?….that’s just a june cleaver fantasy i’ve always had.

and is it just me or did abdullah abdullah, the northern alliance’s foreign minister, play latka gravas in the hit tv series taxi some years ago? (he has since grown a beard and it’s not just the look, but the voice)

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