they held each other

and kissed

     and pushed each others’

     darkness into the corner,

believing in each others’ light,

       each others’ dream.

::hubert selby, jr

a chomping refrigerator, weight loss, infomercials, heroin, coney island losers….some of the stuff in requiem for a dream (ps: the official site is a cool and unique interactive web experience. make sure you move your mouse around the screen if you check it out). but mostly, the movie, based on selby’s novel, is a serious dose of reality about the descent into drug addiction. if you thought traffic was a depressing and too real a view of the subject, this movie takes you a step further into the abyss. it’s filmed in a unique, hallucinatory style by the director of pi, darren aronofsky. maybe the movie is stylistic overkill, but i couldn’t take my eyes off it (though that was helped immensely by the fact that green-eyed beauty jennifer connelly was on screen a lot). people say ‘if you’ve seen one drug movie, you’ve seen them all’ and i’ve dissed movies before for having unsympathetic characters(see blow) like this one has, but i must say, i kinda dug this flick. it’s not without compassion, but it doesn’t make my top ten or anything; and it definitely is not everyone’s cup of tea. notes: it had some hauntingly cool music by the kronos quartet and watch for the hil-fucking-arious line, “i know it’s pretty baby, but i didn’t take it out for air”.

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