the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
i continued my nicole kidman worship-a-thon by going to see moulin rouge. damn, the alabaster-skinned goddess is fine. and i could relate to the story…courtesan dumps the penniless bohemian and goes off with the maharaja. it sort of happened to me in my depressing past. alright, it’s kind of a stretch, but helped to get into the movie. the film was sensory overload in parts; way over the top, as they say, but interesting. must be seen on the big screen, i think, cuz it’ll lose a lot on tv. and this isn’t a wall-to-wall musical where every word is sung, but there is lots of music with spins on nirvana (smells like teen spirit), elton john (no, not his recent tripe like ‘candle in the wind’…back to ‘yellow brick road’ era) , madonna (like a virgin), violent femmes (children of the revolution), bowie (diamond dogs sung by beck), etc. included the added bonus of the green absinthe fairy played by the ultimate sex-thimble herself, kylie minogue (can’t get “can’t get you out of my head” out of my head…have to admit that it’s a pretty damn good pop song, but my taste is probably just blinded by her sex appeal in the video….ooh-la-la, baby!). does she get play in the states, i wonder?

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