gooter – this one’s for you and all other WI stus out there … meet the italian version of the packers: chievo verona, currently atop serie A standings. chievo is a suburb of verona with a population of ~3000 and a puny stadium of 44,000 seats (obviously they draw from fair verona). some background for you homelanders: they have an A, B, and C league and each year the top 4 finishers of the lower leagues move up one level while the bottom 4 finishers of the higher leagues are relegated down one level. like the green bay of the early 60s, their local team is the only thing putting chievo on the map. unlike the packers though, their lame coach is already talking about how they’d just be happy not to be relegated down to serie B, and how they’ll be out of the championship running come Spring. i guess an underdog should be somewhat humble and unassuming, but this is pathetic … isn’t the word ‘momentum’ in the italian dictionary?! heck, look at a lame team like the rams getting hot on a doormat schedule two years ago and how stupid pundits are still hyping their over-rated antics – that’s a whole other blog. anyway, chievo tore up serie C two years ago and serie B last year – just that much is amazing, and now on top of the big league! if i interpreted my landlord correctly their total team salary is $3 million dollars, which is probably what a typical seria A starter from milano or roma pays for his summer villa in capri ;( props to chievo verona!

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