train to london

chelsea bridge

battersea powerstation

tate britain

i have to report on my weekend because, much to my surprise, some people actually read this page and my friend sophia thought the blog silence meant i didn’t have a good time. well, on saturday i got on the train and i went to battersea park near the ritzy london village of chelsea. one of the wonderful things about london is the number of parks it has. large, green sanctuaries from the madding crowds. i met sophia and her friends there, who were at a Christmas shopping fair. i missed the shopping part, but hung out with them at a cafe in the park. afterwards, i went to the refurbished tate britain where i was accompanied by three, count em three, women. i could barely concentrate on the artwork. unfortunately, two of the ladies went home from there. fortunately, one actually dared to join me for dinner. we found a nice little thai restaurant near the tower bridge tube. the night ended there since she had a business trip to italy in the morning. that was a new excuse on me and i admired her for her originality. shunned and lonely, i went on to the tate modern to check out the surrealism exhibit entitled desire unbound because, as everyone knows, ‘desire unbound’ is practically my middle name. disappointed again though, cuz i was too late for the exhibit. not a complete loss, since i found some cool stuff in their gift shop. very nice day in all….really sophia.

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