what’s the fascination humans have with fireworks? ok, when i was a kid, it was fun to explode things (still is actually), but haven’t we all seen just about every variation of firework? i admit that it’s cool to lay down a blanket with a warm woman and watch them fire off above you as a metaphor for what’s in store for her, but to go out of your way? on a freezing cold night?….example: today is guy fawkes day in england, where they celebrate his attempt to blow up parliament in 1605 by blowing things up themselves. plus they light a huge bonfire and burn his effigy. damn, these people carry a grudge. wasn’t it enough that he was tortured on the rack, and he and the other surviving conspirators were tried in Westminster Hall and publicly hanged, drawn and quartered.? and his real name was ‘guido’. strange. have you ever known an englishman named ‘guido’? maybe it was a popular name in britain until this terrorist came along and ruined it. anyway, back to my rant…as i drove into cambridge after work, i fought a tangle of traffic and had to avoid hordes of people spilling into the street as they converged on midsummer common (a stones throw across the river from me) to see the fireworks display. and did i mention it’s friggin’ freezing cold tonight? i went to it last year and it’s really just a very poor man’s version of what we see every year in cities across the usa on july 4th. maybe i’m just spoiled by being accustomed to st louis’ and washington dc’s display, but even that gets old after a while. someone explain.

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