The Others

Now that’s what i call a horror movie. The Others was great! Ebert is wrong. It’s a supernatural thriller that doesn’t have to rely on blood, gore, or cheap jump-out-from-around-the-corner stunts (ok, so there was one). The film is very quiet as there really is no music or soundtrack to speak of to help the movie build the tension. It mostly works its suspense subtly and psychologically with its look, mood, and characters (in a Sixth Sense sort of way). And it makes you think, not just to try to figure out behind which door the slasher is hiding or how inventively the next poor victim will be done away with. A couple of critics have wrote that it was predictable – that if you’ve heard ghost stories growing up, this one is easy to figure out. Well, I didn’t see it coming at all (have I lost it?). And the end hit me with a surge of empathy and sadness in addition to giving me the major league chills. Nicole Kidman was damn fine. Her porcelain beauty was fabulous to look at and she was brilliant in her role of the mother of two in a big, deserted house hopelessly awaiting the return of her husband who went off to fight in WWII. Add to that the fact that the son and daughter both have an allergy to light and must be kept inside the house with the curtains drawn and the doors to every room closed. This gives the movie its spooky, claustrophobic atmosphere. I’ll say no more other than this is a superb, classic ghost story.

Footnote: I saw the trailers for both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. While I can’t wait to see The Philosopher’s Stone, the preview for LOTR looked epic.

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