i got the warm and fuzzies watching the family man on dvd last night. yeah, i’ve been watching a lot of movies, trying to escape the terror of real life and the news i guess. tea leoni is worth the price of a rental alone (even though she’s a “mom” throughout) and nicolas cage is perfectly cast in this modern take-off of it’s a wonderful life. he plays a rich yuppie who gets a “glimpse” of his life if he would have chosen love over career. if you’ve ever had a moment in your life that you’d like to take back, try again, or make a different choice, this movie may touch you. notes: one of the best actors out there, don cheadle, has a small part here as ‘cash’ (like the angel in iawl). the saddest, most haunting scenes of all, though, are the ones(2) showing the beautiful nyc skyline with the twin towers. it’s still shocking when i think about what happened. whenever i come across a panoramic scene of nyc in a movie (and there are lots), i find myself freezing the frame and just staring at the tv for a few moments.

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