who is this moron? actually, i read sfgate all the time, but i rarely stray from the sports section(my football team plays across the bay)….good thing…i’ve read lots of stuff like this and it makes me mad. i could just respond by saying “remember september 11th”, and that would be enough, but i must say more…

the writer is obviously a liberal and republican-hater. i wouldn’t call him a traitorous whiner, just a whiner. he spends a lot of words on things that really aren’t at issue, like the personas of bush and cheney and just plain republican-bashing. this is, to use his own words, infantile hokum. his analogy to the war on drugs is totally meaningless…apples and oranges. his hate of the war machine neglects to mention that there would be no more muslims in serbia and no more kuwait if it weren’t for the gop-stroked military machine. and in response to bush’s statement, “i just can’t believe it because I know how good we are”, he writes that this caused a giant global spasm of multinational cringing and openly insulting the intelligence of anyone who can walk and breathe at the same time. funny, i didn’t notice this global spasm of cringing and it didn’t insult my intelligence because while i did wince a bit at the prez’s continual usage of the ‘evildoers’ phrase, no one can deny that this IS good vs evil. and why doesn’t this fh write about an alternative? or maybe he’s got our government all figured out…we are the great satan and we were just looking for an excuse to commit genocide and kill all the muslims. damn, he’s uncovered our little secret. he’s a regular woodward and bernstein.

though i disagree with what it says, this article is what makes america great, that anyone can write/say what they think. and that’s one thing that this war is about: freedom. but it’s really about being attacked by a group of suicidal murderers that are being aided and abetted by a country. a country with a regime that kills and subjugates their own people. a group that will continue to commit atrocities unless they are eliminated.

i’m a peace-minded person who has never voted republican and yet i think we’re doing the right thing. we really have no choice. these people are not reasonable. i always considered myself a moderate, though leaning more to the liberal side on most issues. and yet, i think that these peace activists are wrong and misguided in this case. as do about 90% of the people in the us, if polls are correct. but again, it is healthy to have some dissent. remember though, if we listened to peace activists in wwII, all of europe would be speaking german and the nazi flag would still be flying on the acropolis.

in summary, this lunatic group and the government that supports them took 4 planes full of innocent people and jet fuel and used them as missiles to essentially bomb our country. it was a declaration of war. at times of war, civilians get killed in the crossfire, though we are taking every measure to avoid it. they intentionally target civilians. after all, we are infidels if we don’t believe what they do. they hate us for what we are. modern, humane, free, powerful. if our positions were reversed and they had the power, don’t doubt that they would just drop a nuke and kill us all without blinking.

sorry, baby, it IS good vs evil. and we have no other choice.

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