i went out to the picture house over the weekend to see the coen bros’ new flick, the man who wasn’t there. those guys make movies like no one else. this one is a 40’s film noir about a barber in 1949 santa rosa california (where the raiders train), beautifully shot in glorious black and white. slow-paced but brilliant, don’t go see it if you’re expecting to see stuff blowed up. all around great cast and billy bob thornton is excellent as the the title character. he now has the record for most butts lit up in one film, a chesterfield perpetually hung out of his mouth. he basically plays a quiet loser who tries to shake up his life to tragic consequences. i won’t say any more, but movie includes cheatin wives, sleazy lawyers (“i litigate, i don’t capitulate”), beethoven, dry cleaning, haircuts, blackmail, murder, and blow jobs(“heavens to betsy!”). it even covers alien abduction in a totally weird twist. go see it for something completely different.

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