i was channel surfing during halftime of the big ou-nebraska game and saw that vh1 was having their big fashion awards show in nyc. not long after the opening credits, which featured the barely stomachable donald trump, was an even more vomit-inducing scene…hilary clinton introduced to a standing ovation from the crowd of vain fashion lemmings. this was followed by a “sharp dressed man” award presented to who else but sean (puffy, p diddy, or whatever the fuck his name is this week) combs. i don’t know about you but when i think men’s fashion, i think him. when i dress to go ‘out on the town’, i think, “now what would puffy wear?”. i could barely hold back my lunch after this trifecta of nausea. what a difference a few days and a different audience makes for h clinton. i think we all know how real people feel about her from the central park response. these celebrity/fashion/liberal/elitists don’t represent me or most other americans.

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