this from an iraqi dissident who likens the fundamentalist mass murderers to the kkk and calls on muslims to stop continuing to wallow in the sense of one’s own victimhood to the point of losing the essentially universal idea of human dignity and worth that is the only true measure of civility. let me add to this my disgust at the numerous people (cnn guests mostly) that continue to describe america as bullies and arrogant and, once again, that ‘Americans should ask themselves why they are so hated in the world’ . as the author of the article states, using that argument is to make a concession; it is to provide a justification, however unwittingly, for this kind of warped mindset. The thinking is the same as the ‘linkage’ dreamed up by Saddam Hussein when he tried to get the Arab world to believe that he had occupied Kuwait in 1990 in order to liberate Palestine. The difference being that if the argument was intellectually vacuous then, it is a thousand times more so now.

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