the house of mirth was mirthless. based on an edith wharton novel and set in 1900’s new york, it’s a depressing story about a single, high society chick(a miscast ‘detective scully’ from x-files) who, due to a deliciously ruthless laura linney, falls out of favor in that society and becomes lonely and penniless. it was ok, but it’s really hard to like and sympathise with these type of characters. people who don’t work and live off inheritance, wed for money, talk in complete paragraphs, and are the definition of pretentiousness. it’s all about appearances, manners, and getting into society and staying there. i have one question: did people of that period actually talk and act like that? dialogue just seemed artificial and scripted. too literary-sounding. they didn’t use british accents and they still sounded snobbish. i wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless they really dig the period pieces. and if you’re a gillian anderson fan(redhead radar light is on, jp), don’t bother, cuz she’s totally virginal and all us guys get is a little bare shoulder action.

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