yesterday, i had planned to go into the city centre since the first-place silver and black were off this week, but it was raining when i woke up. hard. so i waited. and it kept raining. so i watched some other lame games. when they were over it was still raining. i didn’t think too much about it until i noticed the water of the river cam creeping up to the marina level. it stopped raining late in the evening but the water kept rising. and rising. then i turned on the local weather and they said that cambridge received 90mm(about 3.5 inches) of rain within the last 24 hours. the average for all of october is 60mm(2.5 inches). flood warnings were in effect. i stayed up all night, watching the river rise, worrying about my property. i started to get things off the floor and began to formulate a plan of action in my mind. as it was, if i wanted to leave my flat, i’d have to wade through knee-deep brown water. i was surrounded. a prisoner in my own home. (it is a good thing, though, that the complex is stood up a few feet off the ground.) the police came around to check on people(5 am). i chuckled because they were a bit pissed that the water was higher than their wellies. they took a wait and see attitude. they said something about the army being the ones who usually do the sandbagging, but that they weren’t available. i waited. the water came within about 6 inches from flowing in, then started receding a bit this afternoon. it’s fallen back about 6 inches…but…there is more heavy rain in the forecast tonight. and i thought i was lucky to find this place when i moved to the uk, but damn…why couldn’t it be on the 1st or 2nd floor. my only negative about the flat was that it was on the ground floor. funny, i thought more for safety from crime than for safety from flood. until (hopefully not) i have to disconnect and move to higher ground, my webcam is now a floodcam looking out my rear, bedroom window.

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