i see absolutely nothing wrong with looking more closely at people that appear middle-eastern. particularly at airports. it’s common sense. if greek-looking persons committed these murders, i would fully expect to get more attention than the average white boy. and to take this a step further, i see nothing wrong with making Muslim aliens leave our country. it may sound unfair, but it could be the only way to rid the country of these terrorist cells, along with restricting entry. it won’t happen now, but watch this sentiment grow as more americans are killed by terrorists living among us. i’ve just discovered ann coulter. like her a lot. she was fired from the right-wing pub, the national review, for her comment, “we should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” you need to read the whole, excellent article, this is war, for the proper context. she writes about her friend, barbara olsen, and our pitiful airport security. the aforementioned statement was obviously tongue in cheek, though she probably picked a bad time and subject in which to be tongue in cheek about, and her anger over events probably was a factor.

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