johnny depp was good in blow but sorry…i had no sympathy for the character he played, especially after seeing and hearing the big hoosier-loser his actual self in the dvd’s extra features. (on depp’s portayal of him, he says, “he was me…he became me”….yeah, right…by the looks of the real guy, everything was glamorized pretty well.) i can’t believe the idiot director(ted demme) characterized him as his hero. all this guy did was smuggle drugs all his life and eventually got caught. now he sees the error of his ways. i just hope he’s getting nothing out of this film’s box office take. some of the acting was mediocre, but none worse than the way-over-the-top penelope cruz. all she did was emit a high-pitched bitch-scream most of the time. on the positive side, the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s era scenes were kitschily well done and pee wee herman(paul reubens) was as hilarious as franka potente(run lola run) was beautiful. all in all, traffic was a much better movie on this depressing subject. oh, and if anyone cares about this actor who played ‘tuna’, they’d introduce him to jenny craig or they’re gonna be dismantling his house to get his body out for the burial. the dude is beyond huge. also of note was the fact that bobcat goldthwaite, in his small role as a ‘customer’, appeared emaciated and was barely recognizable. hate to say this, but he may be an actual customer of the white stuff or its rock-like equivalent.

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