dear readers,

you must know that fro:boy is incapable of opposing mr spielberg … and therefore must be taken with a grain – no, a nugget of salt here. damn, the guy even loves MRS spielberg and i can’t wait to see his online salvo to hype kate capshaw 😉 uh, as soon as he re-lights the candle in his shrine to her at home ;(

as f:b describes ai, we can see that even by his own hand he affims my claim that the film was mostly made of ripped-off stories disguised as something original … i can commend a modern (re-)interpretation, but recycled stuff from both minds is questionable. i jest all in good fun here to get fro:boy’s goat on the matter of the spielbergs, but beyond some cool f/x i cannot see nor agree with his full endorsement of said ‘blockbuster’. not dark enough to be old-school kubrick, in part b/c of spielberg’s goofy augmentations – what was up with that ewok in there?!

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