now i really know jp must be on crack. he totally dissed the movie ai a few months ago. i just saw it here in the uk and i thought it was a great and thought-provoking movie. to use a critic’s words, ‘haunting and meloncholy’. i love ‘haunting and meloncholy’. based on a moving short story, the project was started by the old master, stanley kubrik, years ago and taken over by the new master, steven spielberg, after kubrik’s death in 1999. it still has touches and tributes to kubrik in it (gigolo joe’s dance reminiscent of alex’s in clockwork orange, hal and the slab from 2001:a space odyssey, to name a couple) and elements from spielberg’s past films(e.g. the perfect moon and the closet scene reminding one of et, supermechas v beings from ceot3k). it also has wizard of oz influences(dr know as the wizard), but mostly it is a darker version of the pinocchio fairy tale asking the question, ‘what if pinocchio could never be a real boy but believed he could?’. i thought maybe the movie could have ended poetically with david trapped at the bottom of the ocean for all time, praying to be real(too cruel and unsympathetic for spielberg?)…but the ending opted for wasn’t the disappointing, sappy ending i read about in some reviews…i think it showed us the great human trait of eternal, undying hope. one thing we need in these times. eerie and ironic is the fact that the twin towers are seen standing 2000 years later in the film. the message of hope in the film overshadowed by what human hate can do.

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