i’m a little disappointed in planet of the apes. movie looked slick…the ape make-up was terrific although i thought helena bonham-carter’s was a little fake looking and her hair was way too salon-styled. the story and feel of it was a little too campy. maybe it was meant to be (after all it is about talking apes), but it didn’t hold up to the first one. the scriptwriters tried to come up with a comparable surprise ending, but ended up with just a poor-man’s version. performances were decent. tim roth was intense as the lunatic military leader, huge michael clark duncan was excellent, carter was decent as the ape scientist with the jungle fever(you knew she was a smart ape cuz she spoke with a english accent), the dude that played the ape slave trader was funny and colorful(is it just me or did he look a lot like the grinch?), charlton heston had a great cameo where the nra prez makes a funny statement about the power of guns and repeats his famous “damn them. damn them all…” phrase (earlier in the movie, another of his catch phrases from the original is repeated…with a twist). i also must say that they let us guys down by not showing more of estella. she was in a loin cloth for god’s sake! at one point she even dives into a pond, and we got nothing but shots of her beautiful, pouty lips. ahh, but what lips! she’s surpassed angelina jolie in my book. and this marky mark guy is tiny. nothing against short people, but he reaches chuck’s armpits…maybe. it was just very noticeable how plain small he is. overall, it was enjoyable and visually interesting, so i’d give it three and a half picks outta five. worth seeing at a big theatre with good sound, but doesn’t live up to the first.

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